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About Us

In 1985 a distinguished Jewelry company was established. Through hard work and focus on customer care the company flourished and is now a prominent force in wholesale jewelry. 

Yet with advanced technology taking over and the internet gaining power, in 2002 they launched what today is, a jewelry website. Using the same focus on customer care, grew in no time and now boasts over 150,000 customers worldwide. With a large factory in Thailand and long time business contacts throughout the world we have a constant flow of the latest styles, and continuous stock.

With this unique support system we are able to bring you these low prices. 

We also make your search for the perfect item as easy as possible. Although we boast over 7,000 items on our site we effortlessly categorize each exclusive piece. In addition to this, our Gift Guide, Style Guide, and fashionable Collections page make your shopping experience a truly pleasurable one.